Honeybee Basic Energy Simulation

Good evening,
I’m running a basic energy simulation to calculate heating and cooling loads for a small space by using honeybee legacy, but I’m not getting any results. Can you please tell me what is the problem?

honeybee.gh (511.1 KB)

Use the HB_exportToOpenStudio instead of the HB_runEnergySimulation. The later is probably not fully functional as the OS’s.

I tried that but I still get the same issue.

It worked on my machine. The other only thing i did was to update the file to the latest components, which in your case, they weren’t.

Can you please tell me how to do that?

Assuming you had installed the last versions you’ll need to update the local file (see blue group in image).
My assumption is based on your original image where you have the last E+.

In case you didn’t, you need to update your libraries with both components at the top of the image.


After I apdated the file, I got this

Search the forum. This error was posted many times.

Ok, Thank you! I appreciate your help :slight_smile: