Honeybee battery connection issue (HBobj/model to HBzone)

Hi community!

I’m currently learning to use honeybee tools for energy analysis, and there’s a problem I encountered when connecting HBobject/model to HBzones.

I tried two different ways (as shown in the screenshots below),

  1. HBmodel to HBzone
    The system error shows “Type conversion failed from Goo to Brep”

2)HBmodel deconstructed, face to HBzones
It seems there’s no error detected, but the connection line is orange-ish green, which I assume is incorrect neither?

Does anyone have any insights on solving this issue?
I would appreciate for any suggestions and advice provided!

The gh file is also attached for reference.

VeluxLab_energy_model2.gh (673.7 KB)

You are mixing Legacy with LBT. They don’t work together, mostly.

Thanks for the reply!
May I clarify which tools exactly are not incompatible with one another? Do you mean HB/LB-Legacy with the rest as seen in the screenshot attached?

That’s right. Legacy is not compatible with the others.