Honeybee can not load material library


I am starting now with honeybee after I have been using ladybug.

In my laptop I had the problem that the ladybug component did not fly, due to the username with white space. Was easy to find the solution, just by seeting the c:/ladybug and connected it.

Same thing happened with honeybee, so I did the same. I set a c:/honeybee into the panel and connected to the honeybee component. It is working.

When I tried to set up an AIRWALL I had an error. I asked around and someone told me to bring into the canvas the callFromEPConstrLibrary component, that displays an error.

I enclose screenshots of the canvas.

Any suggestion is gonna be very much appreciated.

Many thanks,


Hi Federico, Can you check the output of Honeybee_Honeybee component? Does it load materials and constructions?

Hi Mustapha,

I restart the computer and start the file from scratch and now it is working.

Now it can load everything.

I enclose the screenshot.

Thanks very much for replying.