Honeybee Color Zones by EP Results Error

Mostapha and Chris,

In my attached example, where I built custom EP zones, everything seems to be working fine, and EP results output correctly, but for some reason the “Color Zones by EP Results” only color codes 2 out of the 3 inputs.

I am using the very latest HB and LB from GitHub.

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot for the help.


Annual_Loads_Housing_01.gh (520 KB)


This is quite an an unusual bug that affects the very rare case that you end the name of your zone with a space (as you did when you called your third zone "zone3 "). It seems that EnergyPlus automatically cuts this space out of the name when it runs and this causes the name to not be matched up with the original HBZone. I have put in a check that fixes this case with the color zones component but I realize that this won’t fix all of them (like color surfaces and the comfort map workflow). In the future, we really need to give a warning if you input a zone or surface name ending or starting with a space and, for now, it’s probably a good idea to not end the names of your surfaces or zones with a blank space.


Annual_Loads_Housing_01_CWM.gh (522 KB)

Thank you very much Chris!

That is indeed a cool bug!