Honeybee daylight analysis warning recolor mesh, no mesh there


So I have a building which already exists. It has quite a complicated floor plan, because it is built out of two spirals, that lie in another. So there is not really a first or a second floor. Of course this will influence the daylight, that is coming in. I am quite new to honeybee, so I am not sure what would be the best way to do this simulation. I would love a solution that analysis the whole building in one run. This actually worked with one of the example files from hydra, but it couldn`t visualize the data, because of an error “number of results not equal to number of meshes”. What can I do about this?
And is it even possible to analyse the whole building the way I did, or is there a better strategy?

When I ran the example file it worked all out perfectly fine.

Greetings and thanks a lot!

ECO_ParkhausBestand_Sonnenstudie.3dm (429.7 KB)
Honeybee_Grid-based_Daylight_Simulation_Example_II_modified.gh (515.0 KB)

Update: I was able to show the results like this:
But the results seem to be wrong, since my model is oriented to north but there is light coming from north, which should not be the case because of the location and the weather file I used.

See attached.
White groups are new, red ones i disabled from original version.
Hopefully you can get what i did …
I used a grid of 5 m for speed convenience. Set that as you need.


Honeybee_Grid-based_Daylight_Simulation_Example_II_modified_AY.gh (547.6 KB)