Honeybee Daylight Simulation "Can't find the results for the study"

Hey guys!

I’m having a trouble running a Daylight Simulation in Honeybee. When I try to run it, it opens de cmd files, and closes very quickly, showing me a “can’t find the results for the study”.

I’ve already changed the directory file, renamed the surface labels, reinstalled the Daysim 4.0, running the simulation on other computers and I’m still getting this same message.

Does anyone knows how to fix it? I’ve runned other Daylight Simulations and it worked just fine, I have no idea why this specific model is not working.

Can you confirm whether you are using Legacy honeybee or the new LBT Honeybee 1.4?

Hi Chris!

I’m using Honeybee Legacy Ver.0.0.63!

I tryed starting everything from zero and now it’s working just fine with the same Rhino 7 model but I still can’t understand why my first try is showing me this error since I made exactly the same configuration.