Honeybee DaylightFactor analysis_WEIRD GRID AND SLOW ANLYSIS

Hi everyone, i’m trying to do a DF analysis but i think that there is something wrong in what i’m doing. First of all, the grid generated from the component “Honeybee_generate test points” looks so weird even thoug the surfaces (Brep) are regular (rectangular) and planar ones. Secondly when I run the anlysis with a medium quality (1) the calculation takes very long time (5 hours) and this is strange because the anlysis run with slow quality (0) goes very fast (15s). The geometry of my model is basic, one box with one window, so i don’t really understand where is the problem. To explain better i send you the picture of my grid. Thanks in andvance for your help!

please check your units and is it possible to share simplified script .

Thanks for your reply. Actually it was a problem of both tollerance and units