Honeybee dynamic shading simulation

hi, i am running a basic simulation for a shading scheme with advanced shading control, i set 4 shading states in shading group 1, after the simulation i got an intgain .csv (the following picture.

now i am wondering how can i konw when the shading state 1 will open, and when will the shading state 2(3/4) will open form the intgain.csv

See the values in column F. I assume 0 is no shading, 0.5 is your first state and 1 is your second state. You can also use Daysim Annual Profile component to import these values in Grasshopper.

hi,mostapha, sorry to bother you again.I just have another question that how can i test the Correctness of the intgain.csv I have got now? The data in the intgain .csv seems a little strange as the blinds state appear 0 only form 0.5 to 6.5 on January 1st ,and i’m not sure the result is correct,and i have also read the ill file but i still don’t know the answer. So is it possible for to check the correctness of the result. Hope to receive your answer. Best wishes!

hi mostapha sorry to bother you again,but i have an question about honeybee annual daylight simulation with dynamic shadings.I want to know if honeybee can make an annual simulation with dynamic shadings? I just want to make a annual daylight simulation with dynamic shadings(which have three or more shading states), but i don’t know how to do that. if someone can tell me or attach a sample file about that? Hope to see your reply soon ! Thanks !

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