Honeybee E+ ShadowPar

Hello everyone,

I’ve got a question to the Honeybee ShadowPar component.

I’m doing a solar energy gain simulation with E+ and have the ShadowPar component connected to EnergySimPar. I’ve chosen a timestep of “1” for the calculation and I’m using the AverageOverDaysInFrequency calcutaion method. As planned, I get a a result for every hour of the time period im simulating.

In the description of the ShadowPar component it says this.

An optional text string to set the means by which the shadow calculation is run. Choose from the following two options: 1 - AverageOverDaysInFrequency - A shadow calculation that averages over multiple days (as opposed to running it for each timeStep). This is the default setting. 2 - TimestepFrequency - A shadow calculation that computes the incoming solar energy at every single timestep of the simulation. Note that this option is only needed for certain cases and can increase execution time significantly.

Now my question ist, what exactly is the AverageOverDaysInFrequency method averaging? Since it clearly isn’t the energy gain as a whole?

Also, does somebody have some kind of suggestion which maximumFigure to use for which kind of model?


Hi S221B(?)-

Check EnergyPlus Input Output Reference documentation for answers to all these questions:


Honeybee just translate them into an idf file.


Thank you, Mostapha, looks like that’s pretty much exactly what I needed!