HoneyBee EP context Surfaces_(Un)Trimmed surfaces problem

Hi All,

I’ve always had good luck here, so I’ll try another one.

I´m trying to run a daylight simulation and optimization considering some shading surfaces designed in Rhino and i´m using the “HoneyBee EP context Surfaces” component.

As you can see the problem is that my “shading surfaces” in input are trimmed and untrimmed surfaces, because for my optimization i want them to rotate and to change their depths, but that makes the error in the “HoneyBee EP context Surfaces” component (error: “NoneType” object has no attribute “faces”), while if i had referenced brep in input i wouldn´t have any problem.

What should i do if i want to maintain all the geometry changes?

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Your luck chances will increase if you attach the example file :slight_smile:


Hi Abraham!

Here there are the files.

I´ve just started with these plugins and programs so i´m really sorry if i often ask something here… You have been always really helpful

Thanks a lot in advance


Floor.3dm (2.45 MB)
Floor.gh (631 KB)

If you’re running a daylighting simulation just use createHBSrfs component to create the context surfaces. Context component is mostly useful for energy simulation.

Hi Mostapha,

thanks a lot for your reply!

I´m trying to use that component you said but if i have shading with a certain transmittance, where should i put it? Because in the previous component i had the “EPTransSchedule” input, but now i haven´t. Any suggestion? maybe with the EPContruction input?

Anyway i´m running both simulation, the daylighting one and the energy one.

Is still better use that component?

Thanks in advance


You need to create a radiance material. Here is an example.