Honeybee EP Ground for Outdoor Microclimate maps

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Does anyone have an idea which ground heat transfer regime corresponds to setting a HB zone into an EP Ground zone? The DoE EP documentation, engineering reference, defines many ways to calculate the ground heat transfer (this is something related to heat conduction between a zone and the ground underneath (indoors)). Also, the EP slab/basement auxiliary programs seem to me as indoor conduction heat flux estimation methods. On the other hand, the outside surface heat balance (as mention within the EP documentation) is formed by the absorbed SW and LW radiation along with the convection and conduction fluxes. The LW radiation per se is a result of the radiation exchange with surrounding surfaces, the sky, and the GROUND. I also checked the Python script for the EP Ground and found that it’s just assigning a specific material or rather one of the predefined soil types and then exporting it to EP as a HB zone (no sun, wind or loads). So, is this HB Ground seen by EP as the ground, sharing part of the LW radiation? is the upper surface (the exposed roof) of this ground exported from EP as part of the OutSurfTempDict, then included in the calculation of the MRT?
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