Honeybee Errors- LabelZones | LabelSurfaces | Solve Adjacencies

Hi Everyone,

I am fairly new to Grasshopper/ Honeybee. I am watching the video tutorials on Honeybee by Chris Mackey and practicing as I watch. I am using the example model that was attached with the tutorial and literally following him step by step. I expected this to be a fool-proof approach however I am getting a couple of errors. :expressionless:

For the Honeybee LabelZones and LabelSurfaces function I get an error that reads “1. Solution exception:name ‘w’ is not defined”

I get these errors even before I feed it with any input.

For the Solve Adjacencies function I get the following error:

“1. Solution exception:8a45414b-f103-4c86-ab86-ed02392fb497”

I did a quick search of the forum and did not find a thread with similar questions. Apologies if I have missed it.

I am using version 0.0.59 of Ladybug and version 0.0.60 of Honeybee. I have attached my GH file for reference. There must be something fundamentally wrong with what I am doing (and hopefully a simple fix). Any help will be much appreciated!

Many thanks,


1 - Mackey Residence Geometry-Trial.gh (442 KB)

Hi Sindhu,
You were not providing breps to the Honeybee_Masse2Zones component. I placed internalized geometry in you GH file. Now it works.


1MackeyResidenceGeometryTrial.gh (514 KB)

Thank you, Devang. It works fine now.