Honeybee[+] ETA?


Is there an ETA available for honeybee[+]?


Unofficially, Honeybee[+] has been around for more than half a year. Anybody who is using Honeybee on Revit-Dynamo is actually using the HB[+] engine. While the development of HB[+] for Grasshopper has been happening concurrently, we haven’t made an official announcement yet as we are still in the process of testing and documenting the enhanced features. You can follow the progress on the github source and issues page.

We’ll have a definitive idea about the release date within a couple of weeks.

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Just to add to Sarith’s comment the Grasshopper installer is under the honeybee-plus repository. There will be some major changes to the workflow for daylight coefficient and multi-phase methods for daylighting and it’s not ready for energy simulation.