Honeybee file

Morning Mostapha,

Attached is the honeybee file that i had been using for Annual daylight analysis. It is giving me some strange error message,see attached. If i change the grid size of the test surface so only 1 pt is running the file will run, if i increase the grid size i get the error. Any ideas?


SAARCH-2015-1202 AnnualDaylightAnalysis.gh (475 KB)


The geometry wasn’t internalised.

But in any case i suggest to update the file. There is a small mess with the components. For instance the HB_HB is from 2015 while others are 2016, etc.


Abraham could you tell me how to internalize the file?

For each component where there is geometry, right click and choose the internalise item from the menu.


Attached is an updated file with new components and internalized geometry.


SAARCH-2015-1202 AnnualDaylightAnalysis.gh (475 KB)

See a working version.

Yo were missing 2 things: define a glass material and to run the HB_readAnnualResultsI component.


SAARCH20151202AnnualDaylightAnalysis_AY.gh (485 KB)

Thanks Abraham appreciate the help.