HoneyBee forgot costum Material and Construction after closing grasshopper

hi guys
I have several custom construction and material in my canvas.
every time I open the grasshopper I should run “Honeybee_Add to EnergyPlus Library” and after that I can run simulation.
any suggestion?

Hopefully you can mange with this. This is what i would do: After you have created an IDF with the proper materials and construction definitions, copy them and paste into the userCustomEPLibrary.idf file (usually located in c:\ladybug).
After that you can just call them from the library without a need of having all the definitions on your canvas, and of course, you can use them on any new/old file you want.

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Yes, I manually add construction and material lines from created idf file to userCustomEPLibrary.idf located in c:\ladybug folder.