Honeybee gbxmltohb error


Im trying to get a model from Revit into honeybee to do daylight simulation. Im all new to rhino and grasshoper and after many attempts to get some functional geomtry for honeybee from even a simple model I have come across this, and figured Id give it a try: New Honeybee Component: Import gbXML - Grasshopper

But it gives me and error:

Its a very simple model from Revit 4 exterior walls, 2 different windows, floor, roof and 2 internal walls, very simple model.
Hope someone would be kind to help me out with a solution.

That component in your screenshot is for Legacy Honeybee, which is deprecated and is far from the best tool to use for this case. If you want to use Ladybug Tools for this case, you should be using LBT 1.4 and here is the component that can be used to import gbXMLs.

Granted, I think I speak for many of us when I say that the gbXML exported natively from Revit is usually worse than trying to rebuild the model from scratch and this seems to be true no matter how cleanly you built your Revit model. If exporting Radiance and Energy models from Revit is a workflow that you see yourself doing frequently, you should really try the Pollination Revit plugin:

The Revit plugin is paid but there is a free trial and it’s fully integrated with the free/open source Ladybug Tools. Most importantly, you can see at the very top of the web page there that the primary value proposition of the plugin is to get clean Radiance and Energy models out of Revit:

And I think I also speak for many of us when I say that there’s currently no software that does this clean Revit extraction better than Pollination can. Geometry cleanup and validation is our bread and butter.

I want to try, but I could activate the trial. Should I subscribe in order to try??

Hi @razan, I think you’ve done the right thing asking on the Pollination discourse, @mostapha is usually quick to reply on weekdays

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