Honeybee HVAC OpenStudio problem

Hi all, I’m just another newbie to this, and having a bit of an issue trying to figure my way out using the captioned component. Would be much appreciated if any of you could spare some time to give me a guiding hand on this.

As far as my best knowledge goes please find attached my test file, the bit that I’m stuck is the openStudio which I don’t know why it keeps giving me null info but no error message. I want to see the difference using different HVAC system to the same geometry but as it keeps giving me null the result doesn’t change at all when i tried to switch HVAC Systems in the HVAC system selector.

I’m sure I’ve done something wrong, could anyone please advice?

Please let me know if you need further information.

Many thanks,


F8_ORI.gh (1000 KB)


Chien Si is working a lot with the HVAC systems and he could give a more updated answer than I could right now. I know that, as of the last stable release, the only two system types that were guaranteed to be stable were 7 - VAV with Reheat and 2 - PTHP. At the least, I know that these are the only two systems that I have made work with the Read EP Result component.

Perhaps this is the source of your error.


Thank you Chris for your reply, at least I know it’s not something I’ve done wrong at least. :slight_smile: