Honeybee: ImageBasedSimulation from parallel camera?

Hi all.

I have ladybug (0.0.62) and honeybee (0.0.59) up and running.
I am trying to render an ImageBasedSimulation (radiation) of a box on a plane from the top view.

I would like no perspective.

I can simply not get LB+HB to do it, no matter what camera settings in rhino og grasshopper I use.

I can get a isometric render out, but its zoomed way out (attached).

When trying from the top view no image gets out.
Is it impossible?

I’m pulling my hair out by now…

Hi Enjar,

Let me check this later tonight and report back.


Thank you.
Its a very common use case for our office if it could work.

Hi Ejnar,

Check the attached file. Parallel views are tricky but fortunately Rhino provides the info that we need to re-create the view in Radiance. I thought I have already fixed this two years ago but seems that was not the case. It’s fixed now!

Also just in case you haven’t seen it you can use section planes in Honeybee.


parallelView_Export.gh (488 KB)

Works well now.
Incredible response time :slight_smile:

Thanks Mostapha.