Honeybee_Indoor Radiant Temperature Map

I’ve been trying to Run HoneyBeeEnergy Modeling Script. I keep getting too many values to unpack on the Honeybee_Indoor Radiant Temperature Map.

Usually when this happens it’s a versioning problem in this case the component has not been updated since 2014. However, the IndoorViewFactor has been updated and does not correspond with the inputs for Radiant Temp Map. I attach the files for your review if you have some time to impart your insight. I left both versions of the components in the Script.

HoneyBeeEnergyModeling_HELP_msr.gh (611 KB)
Site_Ladybug_Shadow_Forum Post.3dm (172 KB)


The “Honeybee_Indoor Radiant Temperature Map” component was phased out almost two years ago in favor of a new comfort map workflow that accounts for direct sun on occupants and air temperature:


Please update your components and make sure that they are all of the same version.


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Thanks Chris I’ll try this script out.