Honeybee_Indoor View Factor Calculator, "Solution exception:'Mesh' object has no attribute 'Vertices'

Hi guys,

<3 your plugins, am very impressed.

I am running into a problem and can’t find a solution in the forum:

In the Indoor View Factor Calculator component, when I have plugged in my zones and toggle _buildMesh to ‘true’, I get the error message:"Solution exception:‘Mesh’ object has no attribute ‘Vertices’.

There was some advice in the comments of http://www.food4rhino.com/project/ladybug-honeybee?ufh&page=1 to replace .Vertices with .DuplicateVertices() in the python script editor, but then I just get this message: “1. Solution exception:‘Mesh’ object has no attribute ‘DuplicateVertices’”.

I’d love to get this component working, I really need to visualise comfort and temperature data over surfaces in building!

Rhino 5 SR5, GH0.9.0076 and have updated LadyBug and Honeybee and all components.

My gh file is attached illustrating problem.



Indoor_View_Factor_Calculator_Problem_02.gh (499 KB)


I really appreciate your simple file that focuses on just the issue at hand. I can verify that the file is working on my machine and that you are getting the issue because of your version of Rhino.

I am nearly positive that the component would work as-is if you update your Rhino to the most recent Service Release (SR 12) but I think that we can find a good workaround in the meantime if this is difficult.

Can you let me know if the component in the attached file works with your SR5 version?

Thank you,


Indoor_View_Factor_Calculator_Problem_02_CWM.gh (500 KB)

Amazing! Chris Mackey you are great.

Keep up the good work.


ps is there somewhere we can support Ladybug/Honeybee with donations?


Glad to heart that it worked. I just updated the view factor component on the github to use DuplicateVertices()