HoneyBee LabelSurface: 'Brep' object has no attribute 'Surfaces'

Hi guys.

Just starting to work with honeybee and I keep geeting this error when I try to label surfaces:

  1. Solution exception:‘Brep’ object has no attribute ‘Surfaces’

I even get it with the example files but I think everything is alredy updated so I don’t know what I’m missing. Any idea?

Thanks guys

PS: Files attached

LabelSurface error.gh (464 KB)

Your file works fine with me:


Yeah… I assume it has to do with my installation or my computer… But no idea what it might be.

Any idea?

Anybody an idea?

Might be a long shot, but perhaps you’re running an old Rhino Service Release in which RhinoCommon does not have the Brep.Surfaces property yet (admittedly, sounds like a long shot, but perhaps).

Actually that worked! I was using an outdated SR.

Thanks a lot!

Hooray, glad it worked out :slight_smile: