Honeybee plugin for grasshopper

Hello everyone,

I download honeybee and other simulation programs by watching tutorials, but honeybee doesn’t work.When I let it fly it can’t downolad OpenStudioMasterTemplate.idf file and that’s why I can’t run the analyse. I try to find that from discussions but I can’t download.

Could you help me please?

When I run the analysis it is said that ‘Solution exception’ and turns to red.I also download here its grasshopper files and jpeg.I can not run any example Honeybee files because of that problem. I try to update and download again but it doesn’t work:((

000_GettingStarted_With_Honeybee.gh (360 KB)

Hi Gulce, Sorry for downloading issue. We have this fixed for next version. Follow this instruction and you should have it working fine. -Mostapha

If you are experiencing any issues with downloading gendaymtx, OpenStudio libraries and other Ladybug and Honeybee files, you can download all the files from this link as a .zip file and manually extract it to Ladybug folder: (https://app.box.com/s/bh9sbpgajdtmmystv3n4).

You can find ladybug default folder by checking the output of Ladybug_Ladybug component. It should be c:\ladybug or C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Ladybug depending on your user permissions.