Honeybee_problem with adjacency - internal walls result external walls

Dear All,

I am performing energy simulations for different building layouts. In my model, I have internal walls and I used the HB_Solve Adjacency component to make recognize HB these objects as internal walls. In all cases, it works, but when it comes to this configuration (picture below), HB reads internal walls as external walls:

In other configurations it works properly:

Could you help me to figure out why it happens?

Many thanks in advance!

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Hey @Julia_Rat ,

Can you provide a sample file that recreates the issue?
Perhaps there’s a small gap between the faces with which you are trying to solve adjacency.

Dear Chris,

thank you very much for your feedback and I apologise for my late reply.
I attach the below files with my case.
Perhaps it could be a problem with a gap between faces. However, if I try a different configuration it works. I am using the same model, I only change the building shape and position of the inner core blocks.

I would greatly appreciate your feedback!

Many thanks in advance.

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Test 1.gh (566.1 KB)
Test1.3dm (831.0 KB)
Test1_a.3dm (153.1 KB)

Ah, I had thought that you were using the LBT plugin. The Legacy plugin is deprecated and is not really functional in Rhino 7. I can see that I have no issues with either of your geometries when using the LBT plugin:

adjacency_test.gh (66.6 KB)

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Dear Chris,

thank you very much for your feedback.
In this situation, I will move to LBT plugin:)

Many thanks!