Honeybee Radiance and EnergyPlus Window Transparency Difference


I am currently working on the daylight and thermal performance of an educational building. I aim to optimize some window-based parameters (window-to-wall ratio and window transmittance) for better daylight performance and less thermal loads.

I am using Honeybee Radiance and EnergyPlus for daylight and thermal calculations.
The problem is that there are different types of transparency components for daylight and thermal calculations as you can see in the image below.

The one for daylight performance does not affect thermal performance, and the one for thermal performance also does not affect daylight performance.

Octopus multi-objective optimization tool needs to be connected with only one transparency component. Otherwise, it will not solve the optimization problem properly. But also that transparency component should affect both thermal and daylight performance in the logic of “multi-objective” optimization.

I hope I could express my problem. Any idea and help would be pretty much appreciated.
Thank you,

28.03.Combined_Optimization.gh (434.1 KB)

Maybe i’m getting something wrong, but …
Assuming the transparency slider value is the same for both simulation types, why you don’t just connect one slider to both energy and daylight instead of having two of them?



Hi @AbrahamYezioro
This really makes sense and I am kind of embarrassed by not thinking in such a simple way :slight_smile:
Probably it is going to work that way.
Thank you very much!