Honeybee Results Validation


Dear @chris & @mostapha

I hope this message finds you both great

Do you have any suggestion what is the best way to validate honeybee results?
I know about the available processes like comparing with an experimented case or compare with a published simulated papers, but mostly there are not enough modelling information.

Although I am trying to compare the results based on the cases that are done in EnergyPlus and compared with other software as I attached here, but even in this file there are some unknown parameters that I can not find them in Honeybee for modelling, especilly the mechanical system type .


epl_bestest_ash.pdf (502.9 KB)


Hi @AMIRTABADKANI, Have you seen this paper?


Thanks a lot @mostapha

This is exactly what I was looking for… Do you have any access to the written HB file on the paper ? It helps me a lot if I can see the file … Thanks again


I don’t. You should would contact the author of the paper directly.