Honeybee.room Python API

Hey guys,

  1. I tried to add multiple windows on one surface with .add_fenestration_surface. It should work since there is an example in API doc here:

r = Room()
r.add_fenestration_surface(‘back’, 2, 2, .7)
> r.add_fenestration_surface(‘right’, 4, 1.5, .5)
> r.add_fenestration_surface(‘right’, 4, 0.5, 2.2)
with open(‘c:/ladybug/room.rad’, ‘wb’) as outf:

But it doesn’t cut through the wall properly. As you see in the picture: the wall surface has overlap with the window.

  1. I was wondering if it is possible to get all the vertices and faces from honeybee.room module.
    As you see I tried .vertices and it doesn’t give me all the points. .geometry is also throwing an error ““geometry” property can only be used in [+] libraries”

    I want to export this room as obj or dxf format.

Any hint or suggestion will be really appreciated.


@AntoineDao or @mostapha

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Thank you Sarith.
I figured it out how to get the vertices and the normal vector:


But the bug I showed for multiple windows on the same room face is still unsolved @mostapha .

Regards, Fazel

Hi @fazel.ganji,

There are more simple ways to ad more windows to a room with the “Honeybee_addHBGlz” component.
basic template.gh (475.3 KB) basic template.3dm (41.7 KB)

Hi @Erikbeeren.
It wasnt the solution I was looking for. I wanted to be fully independent from Rhino/Grasshopper. Thank you any way. I appreciate your answer.

Super late reply to this sorry. I know there is a dedicated geometry library for ladybug tools called ladybug-geometry. Furthermore I think @SaeranVasanthakumar is doing some funky stuff with polyskeleton algorithms to mess with geometry.

Hi @fazel.ganji, apologies for the very late reply. This is most likely a bug. The good news is that we have re-written the hole core library and the geometry library between then and now. You should try the new room object in the honeybee-core library.

Try pip install honeybee-core. And here is the documentation.


It should be much more stable.

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