Honeybee - run energy simulation

energy simulation report “at least one of the mandatory inputs is missing”…i have connected all the components. i dont know whats wrong.could you pls solve it off.
thank you…

The north input should be a value between -360 and +360, not a vector.

thanks for your reply i hve tried by giving a value in number slider and by using panel component.but its not working …

Can you attach the gh file?

I’m guessing your other questions are related to this one.

  • You have some geometry errors with zero vertices surfaces, so your geometry might be too complex or the meshing is not working properly.
  • Also seems like you need to use EnergyPlus 9.3.0

i am a new user i couldnt able to attach my gh file here.is there any other way to attach the file

Do you have a screen shot of your room mass?

I would also try to see if you can run this file from HydraShare.