Honeybee runDaylightAnalysis won't utilize all computational threads

In an older computer with 1 CPU, 2 cores / 4 threads, i was able to run all 4 threads with runDaylightAnalysis, 4 cmd windows, 4 ill files.
I am now running runDaylightAnalysis on a computer with 2 CPUs, each 22 cores / 44 threads. That makes an overall 44 cores / 88 threads. I am now inputting ‘88’ on the numOfCPUs input, but i see on the task manager that only 44 threads are being utilized. Both CPUs are utilized, 22 threads from each (instead of 44 threads from each). The latter can also be concluded by the fact that in total, there are 44 ill files generated, instead of 88.
Am i missing something?
The computer was tested with cinebench and all 88 threads were on 100% during the test.