Honeybee RunEnergySimulation component

Hello guys, I after a year of working with other tools I want to restart learning LBandHB legacy versions.

I have updated Honeybee lagacy from 0.056 to the latest version available, and I am currently trying to launch a simple energy analysis, using new components: as shown in the picture I can’t find similar HB components for HB_runenergysimulation.

Probably after almost 2 years there are new components that i don’t know, and before opening this discussion I have been searching for a while, but I haven’t found anything. Could someone help me ?

Which are the correct actions to let “update LB and HB component” work ?

Thanks in advance

I still have it in my tab! Something is wrong with your installation. I’m attaching the userobject so you can drag and drop it into canvas.

Honeybee_ Run Energy Simulation.ghuser (33.1 KB)

Thank you Mostapha! I have fixed this problem with a new installation, after starting this discussion and now It is here :slight_smile:

Do you have any suggestion to convert automatically HB and LB old file from 0.56 to the latest, using the new update components? I have attached the file with some errors.

It is also happened when using HB_HB and LB_LB components to let them fly

I suspect this is the same issue as this one. Can you try the attached file in that comment.