"honeybee_scenario/.................../finished.job' does not exist" issue

Hi all,

I am having trouble running an energy simulation. So, I get two messages. The first one is that for every building in my district that the honeybee scenario does not exist. The second I get is “DONE, result=False”, which in previous models I have done was True for every building.

At the following screenshot you can see the messages I am getting.

May I kindly ask for your help, as I am new to the GH world, and I am always designing my models based on Chris Mackey’s tutorials?

Thanking you in advance!

Best regards,


Were you able to workaround the problem. I followed the same tutorials and ran into these errors. However the simulation outputs the results.


I still have problem. Which version are you using?

Hello I am using the version 1.6.0.