Honeybee_Set EP Air Flow

I have a problem in understanding the explanation of the input “deltaTempForNatVent_” .

A number or list of numbers between -100 and 100 that represents the temperature differential between indoor and outdoor below which ventilation is shutoff. This should usually be a negative number so that you open the windows when the outdoors is cooler than the indoors. This can be either a single number to be applied to all connected zones or a list of numbers for each different zone.

The differential between indoor and outdoor means: Tin - Tout
So if Tin is 20 C and Tout 18 C , the deltaT should be 2 C and not -2 C as suggested in the explanation.
The second problem gives me the phrase “below which ventilation is shut off”
If deltaT is a negativ number this would be strange.


Delta Temperature[LINK]

This number controls when mixing air from the source zone is sent to the receiving zone. This parameter is a temperature and is expressed in units of Celsius. If this field is positive, the temperature of the zone from which the air is being drawn (source zone) must be “Delta Temperature” warmer than the receiving zone air or else no mixing occurs. If this field is negative, the temperature of the source zone must be “Delta Temperature” cooler than the receiving zone air or else no mixing occurs. If this parameter is zero, mixing occurs regardless of the relative zone temperatures.

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Thank you for the link. I was looking for that Link but couldn’t find it.