Honeybee Solve Adjacencies - Window Material Before and after


I am facing an issue and I think it is a bug, but I may be doing something wrong.

Here, in this image below, I set my interior and exterior windows ep construction. Some of them are airwalls and some are set as “janela” construction:

After that I solved the adjacencies between zones and I set to “true” to preserve the materials I have set earlier, but the component changed my windows to the default construction “interior window”.

I know that I could choose my interior window material again in the “solve adjacencies” component, but it doesn’t work to me, since I have two different materials for my interior windows.

Does anyone know how to fix this? or is it a bug in the component “Honeybee Solve Adjacencies”?

The “preserve construction” in the “Honeybee solve adjacencies” is only working for the interior walls. The interior windows construction is not being preserved as well

Hi @iris_loche,
I can not come up with a solution to solve your issue the way you did it, since the ´preserve constructions` input has been added by @chris recently, I leave it up to him to evaluate if there is a bug in the code. When reading the description of the preserveConstr_ input (see below) it seems more like you might have some issues in the construction of the materials.

Set to "True" to preserve the existing constructions assigned to the interior surfaces of adjacent zones. It is not recommedned that is input be used unless you are building zones surface-by-surface and have done a diligent job of making sure that construction materials are assigned in reverse order on adjacent surfaces.

To solve your issues for now, I´d suggest to solve the adjacencies before adding the glazing. At least from the provided screenshots it looks like this should be possible.

I hope this works!

@iris_loche ,

As @Jonas points out, I would not recommend using the preserveConstr_ input for your case here since it seems you are not trying to set a different construction for each interior surface.

I think the bigger issue might be that you are trying to assign an opaque construction (the “air wall”) to a glazing surface and this is not permitted by E+. Try creating a new window material and assigning that to the windows instead of using the air wall.

Thank you very much, Jonas. It worked!

Thank you Chris, I have solved the adjacencies before connecting the windows, like Jonas told me to, and it worked well. I also changed the windows construction… It was really not working with opaque material assigned. Thank you