Honeybee used to explore the design of radiant heating / cooling systems

Quick question. Is it possible to explore the design of radiant heating / cooling systems using Honeybee?

If so, has anyone tried this?

I am interested in using Honeybee to access the radiant systems modeling capabilities of Open Studio and doing something similar to their Parametric Analysis Tool (PAT) to calibrate the system.

First off, i am curious if i can specify a thermally active surface, such as a chilled beam or slab through Honeybee components.

Hope this query makes sense !

Totally makes sense and we have it on the list but we haven’t developed the support for radiant systems yet. The best you can do right now is to generate .osm files with Honeybee and you need to do the rest in OpenStudio itself. In case you are not playing with geometry parameters this should somehow work. I know it is not the best workflow! :expressionless:


Hey Mostapha,

I would like to explore the possibilities with radiant heating/cooling in HB as well. Has there been any development on this since you replied to this message?

Hey Christian, We don’t have it implemented in Honeybee yet but you can use OpenStudio measures to apply it to your model.

Option 1 is to use OpenStudio component to export an .osm file and then follow this video to apply the measure.

We have also implemented a WIP workflow for applying measures inside Honeybee itself. It may or may not work but you may want to give it a try.

I’ve played around with the _Apply OS Measure component–I was excited to see you guys working on it–but haven’t been able to get it to run without crashing Rhino. I was attempting to apply the “Add Daylight Sensor at the Center of Spaces with a Specified Space Type Assigned” measure I dl’d from the BCL. I will keep me eyes on the progress, and let me know if I can be any help testing!

I crush my model everytime for loading OS measure, is that because the module is not perfect at this time ?

Thank you

Bo, Check “Do not show this message again” once and it won’t show up again.

Nick, Chris and Mohamed also reported similar behavior. I need to test more cases. I assume it’s an exception form OpenStudio RunManager but I need to check to be sure.