Honeybee UTCI - Outdoor Surface Temperatures With Shade Present

Hello Everyone,

I am studying Outdoor Shades in Urban Areas, and doing simulations using Honeybee.

I need help to understand the following please.

  1. It is mentioned that if a shade is input in a honeybee model, the surface temperature of the shade will be assumed equal to air temperature from the EPW file. However, does this mean that the effect of the shade surface temperature is included in the longwave MRT calculations?

  2. I simulated a simple outdoor shade (as shade component) with a ground (as HB room), for the 24 hours of the 7th of July, using Cairo weather file. I extracted the surface temperatures from the simulation of the HB UTCI component, but I do not understand the output. I have 2400 branches each containing 24 values (I assume for the 24 hours of the day). And none of the values are for the shade surface temperatures (none are equal to the air temperature of the epw file).

Can anyone help me understand this please?

I will attach a screenshot and the grasshopper file.

2023.03.29_Shade Trial.gh (48.8 KB)

Link to EPW file (IWEC Cairo): https://energyplus.net/weather-region/africa_wmo_region_1/EGY

Thanks a lot.

Hi @regwan,

The geometry is missing.

Hi @Erikbeeren,

I thought I internalized the data, I repeated it again, and here is the new file. Thanks a lot.

2023.03.29_Shade Trial_02.gh (50.8 KB)

Hi @regwan,
perhaps this can help you.
2023.03.29_Shade Trial_02.gh (76.8 KB)

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Hi @Erikbeeren, Thanks a lot!

I just had to adjust the components to V1.5, as I haven’t downloaded the latest one yet.

I have a question please, do you know if the shades (input as surfaces and not HB rooms) are included in the longwave MRT calculations or not? since their surface temperature is set to be equal to air-temperature from epw file.

Thanks, appreciate it.