Honeybee_watch the sky error

Hello everyone.
I came across a very simple issue with honeybee watch the sky component error. The ladybug image viewer always fails to generate sky image file through hdr or tiff. But in image based simulations its working. Does anyone came across with this issue.
test.gh (471.9 KB)

Adding to the above issue. I did a fresh installation of radiance and it works now. But previously i was running radiance with accelerad. I think replacing some radiance program with accelerad radiance program [as described here to make acceleard run in radiance] might be causing some issue for this. @mostapha @sarith @minggangyin can you shade some light on this.

Hi @Asisnath Honeybee_watch_the_sky compotent worked fine on my computer.Please check your model again.

@minggangyin thanks for the reply. Have you installed acclerade and replaced the original radiance file inside radiance lib & bin to make accelerade run. After that i think it is not working. If i do fresh install radiance without accelerade it works.

If yes, how did you installed accelerade and made it run with radiance using honeybee.
Appreciate your help.Thanks

@Asisnath Acclerad is another new issue. You can refer to related link https://discourse.ladybug.tools/search?q=accelerad

Hello everyone,
I could finally solve this with help of @Nathaniel. To make the watch the sky component work with acclerad a minute change is needed inside the script.
You can do this in Honeybee as follows:

  1. Double clicking on the watchTheSky component to open the Python editor
  2. Around line 65, change “-aa 0.1” to “-aa 0”
  3. Around line 91, add “-aa 0” inside the quotation marks after “-ab 1”

Hope this would help anyone coming through this issue.
Thanks to @Nathaniel for the guidance.