Hourly ENVI-met output extraction

Hi @AntonelloDiNunzio

Please check the two figures below


So, I intend to produce the data from the receptor every 60 min or hourly. I have set the output interval in 60 min (see figure 2), but unfortunately it produced every 30 min (see figure 1). Consequently, I have to extract this data using combination of native components in grasshopper, which i don’t know how to make it.

What I need to know from you are:
1.Whether I can set output data produced in ENVI-met on every hour? and how if I can do it.
2.Whether you could give me a guidance or an example file of extracting this data using native components -Take hourly data from that input

My goal in this process is to use this hourly output to modify weather data (epw.). Related to this, do you also have an idea or maybe have developed a component in grasshopper to modify epw file?



Hi @sunarywend,

Thanks for find this. Your workflow is Ok.
ENVI-Met developers recently has changed a tag from <OutputTiming> into <OutputSettings> also in the simx file. This could be the reason why it does not work. I have fixed it and you can find this small fix here: df_envimet. Please, follow installation instruction.

I will update official version as well.