How can I change the shading effect by changing the solar reflectance of HB Shade Construction?

Hi everyone:I used HB Shade Construction to build the outer shade of the wall, and observed the temperature change of the outer wall surface by modifying the solar reflectance. However, I found that the result hardly changed when the reflectance was assigned to 0.2 and 0.5. How can I solve this problem?

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Hi @YueWN

This may not actually be a problem and it’s just that the shade reflectance does not have a significant impact on the overall temperature of the surface that it is shading.

Is there anything else to indicate that something is wrong about the result?

Hi Chris
Actually, In my opinion, shade with different light transmission performance on the outside of the wall should affect the surface temperature of the building wall.

I want to establish shade on the outside of the wall instead of the outside of the window, and determine the surface temperature of the building wall and the change of building energy consumption by changing the light transmittance of the louver shading material. How should I set the shade?

Should I build shade with light transmission gaps in RHINO or fix this by setting a energy transmittance schedule?