How can I know which year I am simulating when using energyplus in ladybug?

I am using ladybugs to simulate building energy consumption based on energyplus, but results only show the month and day of the consumption without year, how can I know the year and change it? Thanks!

Open the EPW file you’re using with a text editor - the first column will be the years used. If you’re using a TMY file, the months are pieced together from different years to generate what can be considered a ‘typical year’.

Here’s a good reference on how TMY files are created:

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OK, I will check EPW file, thanks for your help! :grin:

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BTW - I’d be interested to learn what years your file was made from. Most files hosted on EnergyPlus website are created using very outdated data but I think the awareness of this fact is very low.

Here’s a distribution of the years used for all TMY2/TMY3 files on EnergyPlus website - the oldest is from 1953.