How can i learn butterfly how to use

hello,i am a chinese student.because i can’t see the YouTube,i hope you can send me some recourse to help me know how to use,such as pdf,word,video and so on.Thank you very much

Dear community

I reactivate this post because I am looking for an online course, future workshops or private classes of Butterfly, in order to check doubs that I get in my own models.

Thanks for your help.

Hello @gonchotorena

There are some tutorials and available courses in the official ladybug tools site here: There are also on demand videos available from Ladybug Tools here: although I think there’s no Butterfly course available just yet.

A few months ago I was tasked with a small course about Computational Environmnetal Design by the University of Bauhaus-Weimar. They were kind enough to open source the platform recently, all videos can be found here:

I would certainly pass over the first 3, the free tutorials offered by LBTs on the other bugs are vastly superior. However, if you’d like to start with Butterfly the last 5 tutorials are all about it. It’s an introductory course and can’t really cover everything but I hope it’s a good start for you.


Thanks for your answer @TheodorosGalanos, I will check the videos of Bauhaus, I watched the resources of Ladybug and the videos of youtube of @mostapha.

Sorry for aswer so late, I was travelling.

Best regards