How do you reflect a Grasshopper file with many Ladybug and Honeybee and additional components in a research report?

Doing a research project in architectural engineering I’ve developed GH files incorporating many LB+HB components as well as components that I’ve created using Python Scripting for various calculations and stimulation purposes.

The audience of my research is architectural engineers. So they aren’t necessarily programmers or people familiar with GH or Python.

Now I’m wondering how to explain my methodology to them.

How precisely or in-detail do you explain the algorithm and codes in such reports in order to make it understandable but neither too long and boring nor too brief like a black-box?

Shall I include all the codes I have written in the appendices?

Could you please share some links to similar research reports?

I appreciate your thoughts and comments.

Thank you

I found this Q&A helpful: