How to add text result labels to the recolorMesh

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could you share an example how to add text result data labels to the e.g. VSC results being ploted with reColorMesh.

I would like to achieve the text labels of resulting VSC (%) being ploted on the calculation surfaces (grid points).

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@janak Maybe you can use countour mesh compotent.

Thank you very much for your advice. However I am not able to locate this component Ladybug_CountourMesh in my standard Ladybug 0.0.67 distribution?

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@janak The answer is yes. Ladybug_CountourMesh is located in the SubCategory “7 | WIP”

Thanks a lot. I have already found it :slightly_smiling_face:

Now I am really having a problem to get it work. It will not accept any of _inputMesh with error that it can only work with planar meshes BUT I am having only one planar surface connected to it.

Any example of how to generate _inputMesh for countorMesh?

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