How to analyze daylight results for a short time step (minutes) using Honeybee?

Hello all,

I am working on a daylight visualization tool for which I need to analyze direct and total irradiation results on a time step shorter than the hour (minutes). For now I’m using the HB Annual Irradiance recipe to create raw .ill results and analyze them using the “HB Annual results to data” recipe.
The “timestep” input of the recipe is only used for the “Average irradiance” and “cumulative irradiation” so I tried to change the WEA’s timestep. It looks like it runs fine as it creates the results folders.

Though the results seem to be calculated for each time step of the Wea, the “HB Annual results to data” only imports the hourly results for analysis.

Is there any other way to import the raw .ill results for the right timestep as a list of all values ? Or a different plugin to use ?

Thank 's a lot !