How to apply ground floor material?


I am using Honeybee_Set_EP_Zone_Construction. I have a doubt that how to provide material for ground floor slab using this? I couldn’t find any method apart from creating a surface in between and applying material. I request for a reply.
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@vijesh It is easily to do this. You can use this component:


Thank you for your reply @minggangyin. Not for underground building construction. If a building say G+2 then how can we give ground floor slab(Plinth) and subsequent floor materials? I used Honeybee_Set_EP_Zone_Construction and plugged in plinth and floor slab material in that itself as 1 and 2. Then after solving adjancies it is working. I solved it. If a separate option is there to show to connect for groundfloor slab then it will be very clear I feel @chris and @mostapha, if am not wrong.
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