How to calculate temperature inside the structure after simulating the the solar heat gain using u values of the materials?

Greetings. I want to simulate the difference in the solar heat gain inside the building in case of Glass vs PV panel when applied on the surface of the structure. How can I do that (using Honeybee/ Ladybug)?
Ps. I wanna use the U-Value of the glass and PV panels to simulate to prove that instead of using glass facade, the temperature inside the structure would be lesser if PV panels are used instead.

You can use Honeybee’s energy simulation and run the simulation for two different types of construction. If the PV is also transparent / translucent then you have to create to constructions for windows.

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Thank you so much Mostapha. Can you please send me the example file in which I can set the U-Value of the material?

You can use Honeybee_EnergyPlus Window material and Honeybee_EnergyPlus Opaque Material components.

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Can anyone please help me with an example file or a tutorial?