How to change Night Cycle Control

One of our energy modelers reviewed the idf files generated by Honeybee/OS and noticed a few issues. I’ve copied her comments into several posts, 1 per item.

#3: Night Cycle On

The HVAC system is designed to cycle on/off during night (Type 7). Having the night cycle turned on helps to take care of any load that occurs during unoccupied time which in turn helps lowering unmet load hours. The Night cycle Control is part of HVAC system ‘AvailabilityManagerAssignmentList’ component. Currently, the system runs on a fixed schedule and we would like the system to cycle on the fans during night.
Is there a way to change from ‘scheduled’ control to ‘CycleOnAny ‘ ? We could adjust the HVAC on/off schedule to accommodate this, but that may affect our OA ventilation in some cases.

in.idf (613.1 KB)
SchoolsFirstOffice.osm (724.7 KB)

@LelandCurtis ,
That’s a template HVAC system and not a fully detailed HVAC system like what Honeybee and OpenStudio generate. In other words, you have more parameters that you change on the Honeybee systems than you can change on those templates and, as I said here, all of these parameters can be edited within the OpenStudio interface or with an OpenStudio measure if they can’t be changed directly within Honyebee. For night cycle control in particular, you can go to the HVAC tab, select control, and under there you will see night cycle controls:

I would also recommend the unmmethours forum for detailed HVAC questions like this.