How to change the size of the legend

Hello everyone:
I have a question about the component,Honeybee_FalseColor. The output image legend is too large(as picture one showing). I use honeybee_legcay V0.0.66. At first, there was no legend generated after simulation. after reading the topics of Minggangyin and Keisuke, I change the radiance version from 5.3 to 5.1. I got the legend, but it is too large, and I can not find any option to change it. Please tell me What the causes of this problem are ,the honeybee version or the radiance version? and can radiance 5.3 work well with honeybee_legcay V0.0.66? Can the size of the legend be adjusted?

Output with radiance 5.1

Output with radiance 5.3

The gh definition

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My legend did not show up in the image, i’m using radiance 5.2. I was thinking how to get the legend showing. And I got the same question, would radiance 5.3 compatible with the previous HB and LB tools I’m using?

Any help would be appreciated.