How to do a Global Sensitivity Analysis with Ladybug Tools?

Hi everyone!

I am a senior architect, and I am doing my degree work understanding the influence and importance of different skylight design parameters for the tropics.

I do not have much knowledge in statistics, but I understand the potential of tools such as Colibri and Design explorer to make decisions about the project.

I wonder if there are people in the forum who are involved in the issue, how could I implement a global sensitivity analysis? or how could the collibri and design explorer information be processed to determine the sensitivity indexes?

@monsieurpablo ,

Here is an example of a parametric energy model using colibri, which can give you an idea of the level of complexity you would have to master to build such a model:

I would recommend you watch many of the youtube series on how to use the Ladybug and Honeybee components to build up an understanding on what is happening in the file. Some of the free youtube tutorials on Grasshopper are also good if you haven’t used it before.

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