How to filter the result file by multiple keywords

As shown below, I provided a list of two keywords to the EPCustomResult component to filter the result related to Surface Outside Face Incident Solar Radiation Rate per Area for glazing surfaces only.

However, it seems this component only filtered the result by the 2nd keywords which include both glazing and non-glazing surfaces:

May I ask how to filter the result file by multiple keywords, e.g. filter result by both surface type and name of output variable?



The keyword search in this component uses the same exact function as the keyword “Call from EP Construction Library” component and these both accept multiple keyword searches:

I think the issue that you are pointing to is that you want to use an OR operator between your two keywords instead of the default AND operator. In this case, just plug in your keywords as a single text string with a space between them like so:

And this will only bring up the results that contain both sets of keywords.


Thanks, Chris.

My understanding from your clarification is that:

  1. A list of keywords given to CustomEPResult will be connected by the OR operator as shown below in which the result containing either “GLZ” or “Temperature” are filtered:

  1. keywords put in the same line and separated by space will be connected by the AND operator and results containing all of the them will be filtered:

Thanks. (563 KB)