How to get Honeybee Legacy working with OpenStudio 3.0

I’m sorry @Dconforte . I’m having a hard time recreating the issue on my end. Does “honeybee_honeybee” still say that the EnergyPlus version is >= 9.0.0 even after you are using the JUL_07_2020 version?

If you can open the attached .gh file on your machine and send me a screenshot of the outcome, that will help me debug. (92.8 KB)

Now I get it, I was using an older version of the Honeybee_Honeybee, but still, when I ran the simulation, I still get some errors, now Honeybee is recognizing the new version of Energyplus, but still some errors ocurred.
Here’s the file I’m using attached.
Once again, thank you so much for helping me @chris, wish you all the best

It looks like you accidentally broke the link to your attachment but I can see a component from JAN_01_2020 in your screenshot and I would make a wager that the error is linked to that.

Remember that you can use the “Ladybug_Update File” component to automatically sync your Grasshopper definition with whatever version of the plugins you have installed.

If this doesn’t fix things, upload your file and I’ll see if it recreates the error on my end.

Everything now works just fine, thank you so much for the support, wish you all the best Chris!

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Hi Chris,

I have downloaded the newest version of openstudio 3.0.1 and did exactly what you said. im still getting en error message: “1. Solution exception:Unable to find an entry point named ‘CSharp_OpenStudio_toPath’ in DLL ‘openstudio_csharp.dll’.”

I do not really know coding and could not figure out what does it mean. Could you please give some advise?

Hi @lml, this is because your Ladybug/Honeybee version is too old to work with newest openstudio. Please update the Ladybug/Honeybee and update the old components in you GH files.

Hello, I have downloaded the version of openstudio 3.0.1, and I have done what has been indicated above. I have changed all the components of the Honeybee to the latest ones.
However, I have still got an warning sign, as the image shows. Could this problem be solved?
Thank you.

Thank you Mingbo! Problem solved.

That’s not an issue with your version of OpenStudio, @Syo . It seems related to your geometry. I suggest opening up a separate topic and provide a sample with the minimum geometry needed to recreate the error.

i too installed this but different version showing in output.


Edit: Solved it. Thanks all

Hi, after solved the infamous problem for “OpenStudioModelCorePINVOKE” , I’ve got another bug in the next part.

I am trying to make a “Energy Simulation With Photovoltaics”
After “Honeybee_Export_To_OpenStudio” running successfully, “Honeybee_Read_generation_system_results” is looking for a .csv file from resultFileAddress. But I have this file and it has the information insdie.

I am using Rhino 6 , Rhino 7 and Ladybug Tools 1.1.0, OpenStudio 3.1.0

Analyse result with .csv inside the zip (671.5 KB)
GH photovoltaics example file (1002.5 KB)

Hello @congzheng_zou. LBT plugins still use OS 3.0.1 officially. You can check the compatibility matrix and this post.


YES ! It’s working now ! Thank you very much. The compatibility matrix is so important

Hello, as I have some older scripts that I want to keep using I want to still have openstudio 2.9 installed. However I also want to be able to test the new features in Honeybee 1.1 which are connected to Openstudio 3.0+.
Is there any way to have them both installed and make grasshopper pick which Openstudio version it should run?

You can install the OS3 in the LadybugTools directory. The Legacy won’t look for this location.


Which directory you mean? C:/ladybug/ or %user%/ladybug_tools/?

Thanks in advanced.

This one is the one i meant.

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I followed the steps but Honeybee is still not working. I have updated to the latest version of both Ladybug and Honeybee. I believe that the issue is about the version of OpenStudio. I am wondering if the Honeybee working well with version 3.0.1?

Would you have some advice on this issue?


Hi All

I am working with the Hydra example file, updated for the latest Honeybee/Ladybug legacy releases.

Unfortunately for the March - October teaching year we have had installed on all our school computers version 3.0 of Open Studio. I am reluctant to ask the Tech Staff to install a second copy of Open Studio across all our student computers just to solve the compatibility matrix issues. I use the 1.1 version of LBT for most things, but I want to be able to use the Legacy Hydra files as examples of coding and development. This requires the Legacy compatibility with OS 3.0 and above to be resolved.

We can get almost everything running as it should after copying the referenced two files from the lib directory in the OpenStudio folder to the CSharp\openstudio folder. I was surprised on my own computer to find that the OpenStudio 2.9.1 directory did not contain a lib folder at all!

However, we still get the ShadowCalculation error referenced in this forum sequence.

I suspect the error occurs in this sequence in the Python for the ExporttoOpenStudio widget:

I cannot see how to fix it, but it seems to me that the logic of this is that if the version of OpenStudio is 3, then the Calculation Frequency is not set, because reading the Else in this Python extract, it sets other values not the calculation frequency that the error message reports.

As I’d love to avoid asking our tech support to install v 2.9 of OpenStudio across all our multi-user student computers if at all possible, if anyone understands Python well-enough to solve this, i am open to suggestions.

We have updated the file (attached) SingleZoneModel_00_EnergyBalance.3dm (441.6 KB) (614.5 KB)