How to get the DGI results through the year?

Hi everyone! I am a beginner in Ladybug & Honeybee. First thanks a lot for the work all of you do in the Ladybug & Honeybee.

I am just using it to calculate the DGI of the window, but now I am meeting several problems.

So I want to know

Thanks a lot in advance!


figure 1

figure 2

figure 3

DGI simulation of (549 KB)

  1. You need to render the images for different hours one by one. You can write them into different folders and then run the glare analysis for each of them.

  2. Glare is view based. You will get one value for each view/image. Adding or removing zones doesn’t change the number of views. You can connect a list of view names to image analysis component and it will generate a separate image for each view and you’ll get a different DGI for each image.

  3. It is possible to set up and run annual glare analysis (which will give you DGP and not DGI BTW) but make sure to cross check the results for point in time analysis. If you search for annual glare analysis and you’ll find a number of discussions.

  4. Yes. You can but again as I said zone is a concept for energy simulation and doesn’t have anything to do with glare analysis.

  5. Check number 3.

Hi, Mostapha.

Thanks for your reply, I think I know much about the annual glare analysis. It still makes sense for my work.

Thanks again.


Hi Mostapha.

I am sorry to trouble you again. I am using ‘annual daylight simulation’ component to analysis annual glare of multiple zones. As you told me that glare is view based. And I also connected multiple points to the ‘set the view’ component to set the views. But when i analysis the glare of two zones, the list of the result i got is three. The more than three zones, the result is also three lists. Is it because i don’t set multiple names to the ‘the Rhino views name’ of the ‘DS Parameter’ component. I don’t know why this problem occur. And don’t know what to do whit this. Can you give me some suggestions.

Best regards!

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Hi Mostapha.

Can you help me to check the gh file, which i used to simulate annual glare analysis. This is the file which occurred the problem i said yesterday.

Thanks for the help. (573 KB)


You are making a simple mistake. You need to connect a number to the input value north_ this is the angle from north of the _HBObjects in runDaylightAnalysis. See my attached file. Once you have done this there is two outputs for two zones. I’m not sure about the other issues what are you trying to achieve with this DGP file?


DGP AJZ (547 KB)

Hi Anton.

I run the file you attached. And nothing has changed. But the result i got is one branche. Is this the original file that you have got two branches? I don’t know how my problem occur. Do you have any idea?

Best regards!

You still have only a single view connected to _RhinoViewName. You need to connect a list of several views if you want to get the results for several view points.

Hi Mostapha.

The time before i have some doubt about the view names, such as how i can get it, where can i define their names. Then i see this.…

It makes a great sense to my work.

But i still have some doubts.

  1. As the first i use the setView component to set several points. Does everyone’s view name is the same? Are they all to be the ‘Perspective’.

  2. If the answer is to be true, how can i use the saveView component to redefine their names.

  3. If the answer is to be false, then how can i get the name of each point.

Best regards!